How often have you gone to pick up your child from school or daycare to find out that they were sick all day? Your child can’t return to daycare or school until evaluated by a physician. Kids get sick frequently—you are out of PTO. Now What? Should you go to the emergency department. Ouch! There is a four-hour wait and a huge bill. Getting sick can be pretty expensive.

Employers punish many hard-working parents for providing care to their children. Children do not get sick at convenient hours of the day. Getting a child prompt expert care from a friendly provider is a challenge. Taking time off from work is difficult. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. How do I not lose my job AND care for my child?

Problem solved! Evening walk-in office hours. A long time ago, a parent shared, “If you aren’t there when I need you, then what’s the point.” I agree. I would want that for my child. Thant’s why we offer this service. We care about you and your child. We want to make your life easier. We want your child to receive prompt expert care that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We don’t discriminate based on insurance. All children are welcome.