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Hours Change

Starting Feb 27th we will offer general pediatric appointments between 8:30AM – 6:30PM and urgent care walk-ins from 2PM – 6:30PM. 


There are several things that were taken into consideration when making this determination.

1. Our staffing has recently changed. Due to a recent change in staff, this change in hours will allow us to operate more efficiently with the available staff.

2. Data trends: based upon data that we have collected over the years, we have seen that more parents would prefer earlier same-day sick appointments than late evening appointments. Thus, we want to ensure that our families are served in a way that best suites them – earlier walk-ins. 

3. On time appointments: We have also made some scheduling changes in an effort to better serve you by keeping on time. Although there will still be some unforeseen circumstances that may lead to us running a bit behind, we have made some changes that we hope will not effect your scheduling much, but will allow us to better keep up with the scheduled appointments, so that you spend less time waiting. 


Thank you for your trust in us, and your patience as our office makes changes to ensure quality service.