Safe Swimming

Swim Safety

We know many families will be at lakes and pools over the coming weeks with the heat. Please be careful and make sure you have safety in mind, as drowning is a leading cause of death in toddlers.

Omicron: Good, Bad, Ugly

Every cloud has a silver lining. The increase in COVID cases means we will arrive at herd immunity more rapidly. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is overwhelmed by sick people. In general, the omicron variant produces milder disease for healthy people. It leads to more silent cases.

For this reason, it is difficult to determine the difference between COVID and a cold. Consider an over-the-counter test if your child has fever, cough, runny nose, abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. If a school requires testing verification, then come to the office for testing.

It isn’t over yet. Hospitalizations have increased in children and middle-aged people (30-50 years). Most hospitalizations are in unvaccinated people. Younger people with unrecognized heart and lung diseases are dying. Vaccination is the best weapon against severe illness and fatality. There is no medicine.

COVID does not respect country borders. The vaccine is not available to people living in developing countries worldwide. In these countries, healthcare is unavailable or unaffordable. These economies are closed. The average person has no income—this causes famine and starvation.

Sometimes the best defense is an offense. New variants can only arise when there are people to infect—shutting down the ability for the virus to infect nonimmune populations of people worldwide will reduce the creation of new variants.

In the past, we have defeated other deadly viruses. We don’t talk much about smallpox. It was a fatal virus that killed millions over thousands of years. Smallpox is gone. We defeated it with vaccination. Unless we work together, the pandemic will go on for years. We will win or lose together.

Happy Holidays

Closed for the holidays 2021

The holidays are a time where we take stock of our blessings. One of my blessings is you and your family. Please have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday. We will be closed on Christmas day and eve and New Year’s day and eve. As always, we will be available by phone during that time. […]

Covid Vaccinations for Children 5 and Older

Covid Vaccinations 5 and Older

Covid-19 has changed our lives forever.  It has threatened our economy.  It has taken our loved ones.  It has prevented us from living our lives.  We need to fight back.  Vaccination is the best weapon we have in that fight.  Very often, children bring home Covid to their families.  Vaccination will shut down that pathway […]

Saturday Office Hours

Saturday Office Hours Are Back

Saturday Office Hours are back.  This service is to accommodate families with children who have become sick in the previous 24 to 48 hours.  Patients will be seen on a first come first serve basis.  Vaccinations for Covid and Influenza will be available.  New families are always welcome.  

Kids Healthcare Patient Portal

The patient portal is the easy way to check on appointments and prescriptions. You can message our staff. You read lab results and progress notes.

Walk-In Hours

Walk In Hours

We know that children don’t get sick on a schedule. Our office is open until 8 PM.